How to Take Advantage of the Cellular Upgrade Program

JMG wants to let you know that you have options for the transmitting of your fire and burglar alarm signals to our central monitoring station. As technology has evolved, we can offer you IP (internet) monitoring for burglar alarm or cellular monitoring for your fire alarm. IP monitoring utilizes your existing internet service by assigning a static IP address to your burglar alarm system. The second option is to use cellular service that is provided by AT&T or Verizon, whichever is in your area. In both cases, you can cancel your analog telephone line(s) and start saving on phone line fees.

Most fire alarm systems utilize two (2) analog phone lines that can cost you hundreds of dollars per month and will be phased out by the phone companies. Cellular monitoring can replace those lines for a fraction of the cost and are approved by the California State Fire Marshall for fire monitoring. Older alarm panels may require an upgrade before we offer you the IP or cellular option. Please contact our office at 714.545.8882 and ask for Christina Haley in our sales department to schedule a free evaluation and quote.