Proudly Serving Southern California Companies with Commercial Security Systems since 1987.

Take a closer look at the industries that have put their trust and confidence in us for decades.
JMG | Aerospace | Industries


The aerospace industry develops some of the most valuable and incredible marvels of modern technology. The information and assets in aerospace buildings must be protected using commercial security systems and surveillance that meet the highest standards possible...

JMG | Automotive | Industries


Car dealerships and car rental facilities all over Southern California need cutting edge commercial security systems to protect against petty theft or burglary. The relationships JMG has built with these businesses means their security and emergency planning needs are met...

JMG | Distribution | Industries


Logistics and distribution is a complex industry involving many moving parts. Securing docks, warehouses, and factories requires top-of-the-line commercial security systems. An industry that is constantly operating needs to be monitored 24/7 with top notch security systems...

JMG | Education | Industries


Private high schools, universities, and colleges have busy campuses that need high levels of security to keep students and faculty safe during operating hours. Advanced commercial security systems allow educators of today and visionaries of tomorrow to all feel safe while pursuing...

JMG | Entertainment | Industries


Hockey arenas, baseball stadiums, and concert venues all need the highest level commercial security systems with features designed to ensure performers, athletes, and attendees are all kept safe. JMG has built deep relationships in the entertainment industry and remains one of JMG’s most served industries...

JMG | Financial | Industries


As one of the biggest targets for thieves and hackers, banks and ATMS need to be protected, constantly. Branches and ATMs alike require bank security systems with 24/7 surveillance of the premises and restricted access. JMG has the experience, the solutions, the technology...

JMG | Healthcare | Industries


Medical offices with multiple physicians and medical laboratories with sensitive information all require cutting edge commercial security systems to ensure privacy and security. The healthcare industry is heavily regulated, and as such, filed documents, information, and records all need to be...

JMG | Manufacturing | Industries


Manufacturing plants and distribution centers present huge opportunities for security breaches and vulnerabilities. These facilities require commercial security systems that monitor every square foot of the premises, at all times. These large plants and facilities can rely on JMG for the security systems...

JMG | Municipalities | Industries


JMG brings commercial security systems, with a substantially higher level of customer service and support, to the protection of municipalities throughout Southern California. JMG has built relationships on this principle since 1987, and will continue to deliver on it everyday...


What our clients say

  • Ricardo has been to our company on multiple calls. He has been excellent at every job. Very patient, answered all my questions and cleaned up after the job.
    — Jeremy
  • Josh is a great guy. Very professional and gets the job done quickly. It's evident he has much experience.
    — Karl
  • Peter Diaz is a very professional, courteous man. He always informs me of all the procedures he will be performing during his inspection, so we won’t be caught off guard or on the phone when he is testing the alarm. Excellent customer service. Thank you.
    — Carmen
  • The Service Tech was very professional and very helpful. Great personality and was very pleasant. Thank you for sending Sam.
    — Gerry
  • Dave did a great job, fixed some issues that have been there for a while...Thanks.
    — Jim
  • Your employees are always very professional and knowledgeable.
    — Mary
  • Excellent service -- thank you for resolving the problem quickly!
    — Rex
  • Sam has been to our location before and is familiar with our layout. He was able to diagnose and repair the two faulty Video BNC connectors and get us up and running again. Sam is friendly, efficient and cleans up his work area when he is done. Very professional and presents JMG in a very good light! We would welcome Sam back at any time.
    — Darryl

What our clients say

At JMG SECURITY SYSTEMS we take great pride in building long- lasting, client relationships. Here is what just some of our valued customers have to say about working with us.

I appreciate Paul and Shane providing Kawasaki with ‘Same Day’ service when we really needed it. Another excellent example of JMG quality customer service.


— Ed, Distribution Center Manager, Let The Good Times Roll!

Laura – Sorry for the confusion, thank you for the catch and the correction. JMG is always on top of things and it is a comfort to known you are on my team. Thanks again.

— Bob, Data Entry

Hi guys, long time no talk!

Just a quick email to inform my appreciation and dedication of Fred. I called Fred today with a System Link question. He not only knew what I needed and where to get it, he was very kind and courteous during the call. It sure is refreshing these days to be able to reach out and get what you need in the time of need. Thank you.

— Bob, Data Entry

JMG was right there on costs with the others, but I felt the level of experience and service, especially from Greg, was the turning point.

— Dustin Woodall, facilities director

I just wanted to let you all know that Joe and Tim did a fantastic job at Palmdale. It was a pleasure to work with two such easy going guys who always had smiles on their faces. Your team’s teamwork is one of the reasons that we love doing business with JMG. Thank you! We look forward to the next project.

— Kari

Geoff Sanberg did a great job on helping me out with an Emergency call on Friday, Aug 15th. It’s good to know you have such good and reliable employees working at JMG!

— Al

I wanted to let you know something, That I’m sure your already aware of but it’s always nice to keep hearing. Cindy in Service is Great ! I don’t want to get to wordy, She has Nordstrom Quality Customer Service and would be an Asset to any Company. Thank you for all your Services.

— Alan

I would like to thank you for sending Bobby as you technician to help perform test. He showed up on time and was extremely knowledgeable on all aspects of test. The test was performed flawless and I am glad it performed as needed.

— Ulises

Just wanted to let you know I have heard a lot of positives about how Fred helped us overcome some big hurdles at both Highland Park & Tujunga! We really appreciate his stepping up & Bob Endres shared with me that we couldn’t have done it without him! Fred, thank you!