Unify and Simplify Security Management with Security Center

Genetec has been delivering innovative security management systems for over two decades. Known for their ongoing collaborative efforts to stay ahead of the curve, Genetec is the industry leader in IP-based security solutions and a global presence when it comes to business intelligence and security system integration. Genetec’s Security Center exemplifies just this.

Security Center provides a true unified security platform that can manage and integrate multiple security systems within a single intuitive interface. It looks beyond the clutter and constraint of managing multiple systems by providing a unified command and control center that operates using cloud connectivity.

Genetec Security Center's latest update includes a map-based mobile app allows you to access your cameras, doors, and automatic license plate recognition units, all in one place- boosting collaboration between field and desk operators.

Even better, you can record video in the app and upload it to the system for additional personnel to access.

Genetec Security Center Mobile App

Unified and Efficient Security System Integration

The Genetec Security Center minimizes the unknown and empowers businesses to master their environment. It integrates everything from access control, video surveillance, and automatic license plate recognition (ALPR) to communications, intrusion detection, and analytics all in one location. This allows operators to become more efficient, make better decisions, and most importantly, respond to incidents more rapidly.

Flexible and Scalable Security Management

In addition to connecting multiple Genetec security systems such as AutoVu Automatic License Plate Recognition (ALPR), Omnicast Video Surveillance, Synergis Access Control and Stratocast cloud-based video monitoring, Security Center supports a variety of advanced features and plugins that allow you to prepare for potential risks and threats. Security Center allows you to choose from a variety of modular applications and build a custom system that matches your building’s unique requirements.

For example, the AutoVu ALPR system automatically identifies and tracks vehicles accessing your facilities. Integrated and unified with video surveillance and access control through Security Center, the AutoVu system expands the reach of your security platform to the edge of your facility, allowing you to secure and monitor areas previously left unprotected such as parking lots, ultimately leading to a more comprehensive security approach.

Gentec Security Center goes beyond security system integration and gives your business a genuine unified network. This suite of products will ultimately enhance situational awareness and unify command and control to provide the best security management system for your business.

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Every JMG Security System includes:

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