Hanwha Techwin Video Surveillance and Security Camera Systems

Customizable Video Surveillance That’s Easy to Use

In a world where unification is of the utmost importance, Wisenet WAVE is at the peak of IP Video Management solutions. Wisenet WAVE is an IP Video Management platform that allows users to customize their video surveillance solutions to meet the needs of any project. The best part? It's simple enough for people of all different experience levels to use. And, it can be used on any device- desktop, tablet, and mobile alike.

Whether it’s software installation, server configuration, recording setup, layout creation, or sharing of your system with WAVE Sync, every aspect of Wisenet WAVE is designed with simplicity in mind.

Connection and management between multiple systems is the most significant element to any surveillance system. Security surveillance systems do not function as intended when communication among the components is inadequate.

Video Surveillance Analytics Across Multiple Platforms

When you select an X series camera as a source for the analytics from WAVE, the WAVE dynamically queries all of the analytics the camera supports and displays as an option in the WAVE.

Analytics include: Appearing in the area, Audio detection, Defocusing detection, Entering the area, Existing the area, Face detection, Fog detection, Intrusion, Loitering, Motion detection, Sound classification: Explosion, Glass break, Gunshot, Scream, Tampering detection, and Virtual line crossing.

Hanwha | Wisenet Camera Dewarping

Hanwha's Wisenet WAVE Features:

  • Multiple Desktop Client Instances
  • Fisheye Camera Dewarping
  • Customizable Layouts
  • Automatic Failover
  • 2-way Audio
  • Smart Motion Search
  • Screen Recording
  • WAVE Sync
  • Digital Mapping
  • Events & Rules Engine
  • Cross Platform
  • Automatic Failover
  • …and more!
Hanwha Techwin | Wisenet

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Formerly Samsung Security Systems, Hanwha incorporates the Samsung Wisenet chipset technology to provide excellent infrared illumination which results in less bandwidth for superb results.

Hanwha Techwin provides security camera solutions for many different industries with their full lineup of products ranging from CCTV cameras and storage devices to integrated management software. Based on 30 years of experience and the best chipsets in the field of optical and video processing, Hanwha Techwin can satisfy diverse and demanding customer needs with an excellent product lineup while maintaining a global top-tier status.

Providing premium security products with high performance, high resolution, and high stability.

All JMG security camera systems are engineered to provide your building with superior protection not only around the perimeter but also at interior doors and gates. JMG systems allow you to monitor the flow of employees, visitors and vendors throughout your facility.

JMG SECURITY SYSTEMS is proud to service Hanwha Techwin systems.

Every JMG Security Camera & Video Management System includes:

  • Site survey
  • Custom system design
  • Project management
  • Professional installation
  • Quality control
  • 24-hour service
  • Technical support
  • System Support Agreement