JMGCONNEX is the most reliable mesh radio communication platform available. With JMGCONNEX, you do not have to worry about the next cellular sunset date. Rest easy knowing you do not have to rely on your cell phone carrier or phone company.

How Does it Work?

Multiple Path Validation.  Mesh networks are “Self-Healing” so you are assured that you will have two or more communication paths linking a location to our Central Monitoring Station. It is more reliable than telephone or cellular communication.

Why is Mesh Radio Technology Better?

Robust and Resilient Technology. JMG has invested in our own private mesh radio network that will transmit signals even under extreme conditions such as earthquakes, flooding, and severe weather storms.

Radio vs. Cellular vs. Phone Lines

No cellular sunsets, ever! With mesh radio technology, there is no need for costly change-outs of transmission equipment every time there is another cellular upgrade (think 2G, 3G, 4G LTE, on and on).Wireless mesh technology is more reliable, delivers faster transmission speed, and saves monthly cellular or phone line fees.

JMGCONNEX is UL and NFPA compliant and designed solely for intrusion and fire alarm transmission.

Switching to JMG's Mesh Radio Network Can Save You Money

We are excited to announce the rollout of JMGCONNEX. Upgrading from analog telephone lines or cellular service will save you money, increase transmission reliability and eliminate the need to upgrade future versions of cellular. In these times where most buildings are operating at limited capacity, it is important to remain protected with fire and burglar alarms.

In the past, the only options to transmit fire and burglar alarm signals to our central monitoring station were analog phone lines or cellular monitoring. Most fire alarm systems utilize two (2) analog phone lines that cost you hundreds of dollars per month. These analog lines are currently being phased out by the phone companies. Cellular monitoring is more economical than analog, but still requires service trips every single time your cellular provider pushes an update.

JMG has their own FCC and UL license, so there is no need to rely on a 3rd party. Each JMG Mesh Radio on the client’s premise transmits alarm data back to the central station. The more clients that join JMGCONNEX, the stronger the JMG Mesh Radio signal gets.

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