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Nothing better illustrates the type of relationships we forge with our clients than to hear from them personally. We invite you to take a few minutes to explore what some of our valued clients have to say about trusting us with their sensitive security needs.

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ohl-logoMajor League Security at Angel Stadium
The Angels have played ball in Anaheim since 1965. Long considered America’s favorite pastime, baseball draws an audience of all ages, and coming to the ballpark remains a strong family tradition today. With a seating capacity of approximately 45,050 – and being a well-publicized venue hosting high-profile visitors and athletes – Angel Stadium security is a critical initiative for the ball club.

Since the major league team settled into its Southern California location, three of the organization’s top priorities have been affordability, cleanliness and safety. For more than five decades, fans have gathered at the ballpark to cheer on their teams and enjoy time with friends and family.


“People want to go to a place where they know they can bring their kids and that child is safe,” said Dennis Kuhl, Angels Club Chairman.

For the past several years, JMG SECURITY SYSTEMS has been a behind-the-scenes partner of the Angels baseball organization – sharing not only a common interest to ensure the safety of everyone who comes to the stadium, but also a passion for the game, maintaining a family atmosphere within the park, and maintaining strong working relationships.

“I believe that the commitment going forward with JMG and Angels baseball is going to grow. We rely on them because they have the expertise.”

“This partnership is built on many years of team work, commitment, trust and reliability,” said Ken Jacobs, President/CEO, JMG SECURITY SYSTEMS. “We provide all of the stadium’s alarm systems, as well as the surveillance cameras and access control maintenance and service.”

JMG SECURITY SYSTEMS’ commitment to service is a hallmark of the organization. This factor anchors the many long-standing relationships the company has established among its Southern California clients.


JMG is a one-stop-shop for us, and the power of this local partnership is important in our working relationship,” said Brian Sanders, Senior Director of Ballpark Operations, Angels Baseball. “There’s a trust factor there, and having them physically close by is terrific. They’re able to provide same-day assistance with all our security cameras and software manning those cameras so we’re able to make sure everyone within the building is safe and secure on a regular basis.”

“There are many challenges around securing a facility like Angel Stadium due to the sheer size of the building and number of people that attend each game or event held there,” said Craig Loyd, Vice President of Operations, JMG SECURITY SYSTEMS and because technology is always changing we’re vigilant about leveraging the best technology available to contribute to the Angels’ security program.”

The family atmosphere at Angel Stadium is sustained behind-the-scenes by Angel Stadium security professionals and JMG SECURITY SYSTEMS to ensure everyone inside the building is safe and secure on a regular basis. Guests and employees can enjoy the ballpark and move throughout their day knowing they’re in good hands.

“Our behind-the-scenes partnership offering the best technology possible is key. We’re very, proud of all we have accomplished working together and look forward to the future of doing the same,” said Jacobs.

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ohl-logoShimano Shifts Security into High Gear with JMG SECURITY SYSTEMS
Stellar Service and Updated Technology Help Global Cycling, Fishing, and Rowing Brand Reduce Loss

JMG SECURITY SYSTEMS’ Reputation for Service Steers Shimano to Make a Change
Shimano American Corporation, located in Irvine, California is one of only two Shimano locations in North America. The two buildings in Orange County are part of Japanese-headquartered Shimano, Inc. founded in 1921, which manufacturers high-end bicycle components, precision fishing tackle, and performance-enhancing rowing gear. Since the mid 1980’s, Shimano had contracted with a large national chain for security. But as Shimano’s business grew, thefts increased and the service from their security vendor fell short.


The realization that they needed to change security providers came after an urgent request for help was met with a 2-week scheduling appointment, an incomplete job, and a bill for double-time ‘rush’ charges. Mr. Allan Johnston, Facility Manager of Shimano American began researching JMG after attending an event at Angels Stadium and seeing JMG SECURITY SYSTEMS on sponsor signs. His colleagues at the Stadium knew of JMG and highly recommended them based on their superior service and support. Shimano put their security business out for bid and ultimately selected JMG SECURITY SYSTEMS. Mr. Johnston is quick to point out that JMG won their business based on customer service. “I don’t know that I would say JMG was the lowest cost,” remarked Johnston. “But they were the biggest savings in the long run. The bid was part of it,” says Johnston, “but the larger part was customer service.”

Thefts are Down to Nearly Zero for Shimano
According to Mr. Johnston, Shimano’s nearly 200K square foot space consisting of a showroom, distribution center, operations and sales had had several security incidents prior to switching to JMG. “We had vehicles parked in our parking lot and for three years in a row, it seemed [the thieves] knew exactly what time of year our vehicles were loaded up and ready to go and we’d get break-ins to our vehicles,” says Johnston. “So we enhanced the amount of cameras we haveP1030660 on the outside of the facility and added gate control,” said Johnston. And even though both Mr. Johnston and Mike Morrill – Facilities Manager for Shimano Americas
Corporation point out that every business is going to have some amount of theft, both agree that they have had almost no loss since JMG came on the scene. “We have not had vehicle break-ins since JMG has been on watch,” said
Johnston. “The systems work flawlessly.”

A Business Model Built on Service Evident in Even the Small Things
There is a significant difference in the cameras and software Shimano is using after JMG oversaw upgrades to their facilities. But the most dramatic change has been in service and support. Examples include high-profile service like JMG service technicians coming in early and staying late to ensure that the job was done on time to pass a scheduled inspection. Yet handling the smaller things too, are what Mr. Johnston calls “awesome” about JMG. “Even little things like mounting our monitors were not a problem,” recalls Mr. Johnston. “The JMG service technician just took care of it. I came in the next morning and they were installed.” In another instance, Johnston was struggling with figuring out how to have 3 separate video feeds display on each of their unique monitors. “One of the JMG system techs said ‘hey, I’ll do it – let me just stop by, it’s not an issue’, “said Johnston. “The next morning he stopped by and put specific streams on specific monitors for me.”

For Shimano American the difference from their previous vendor to JMG SECURITY SYSTEMS is like night and day. Given the service they receive and the reduction in thefts and loss, Shimano looks forward to a long, smooth ride with their new security system team.

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250px-Honda_CenterA great business relationship is built on trust, reliability, and a commitment to respond quickly to client challenges. And when you have the opportunity to demonstrate that commitment year-in and year-out, sometimes a deeper bond is formed that’s familiar to lifelong friends, but rare among corporate entities.

Since opening in 1993, it was clear the Honda Center would be a prestigious venue in Orange County—home to championship athletes and the world’s most famous, headline entertainers. Along with that prominence came the formidable responsibility of maintaining the safety and security of the millions who visit this vibrant venue every year.

So from the very beginning, JMG founders Ken Jacobs and Mike Christensen teamed up with Honda Center President and CEO, Tim Ryan to design, install, and manage the complex, state-of-the-art security systems capable of offering first class protection for the facility, the talent, and of course, the fans.

Recently, Ryan put the relationship into perspective when he said JMG is not just a security provider, but a partner as well. “Their personnel are here before most events to help us make sure we are fully ready” he explained. “With such a large venue, and with so many moving parts, we rely on their dedicated staff to make sure we don’t have any misses. And because of that extra support, it has allowed us to earn and promote a tremendous safety record.”

Still, as the technology improves, various upgrades are required on a regular basis. Most significant was a transition from analog to digital camera technology. Brent Mater, the Honda Center’s director of operations, teamed up with Craig Loyd, JMG SECURITY SYSTEMS, vice president of operations to accomplish this goal. “We have a huge building that is difficult to secure as we have thousands of fans entering from multiple entry points,” Mater noted. “JMG SECURITY SYSTEMS expertise in system technology, along with its Systems Support Agreement, allow us to offer a safe haven for our diverse fan base, without delay, on a daily basis.”

And as in all great relationships, there are additional opportunities that sometimes present themselves. “So when JMG was approached to become a marketing partner by sponsoring the “Power Play” at the Anaheim Ducks NHL games, we jumped at the chance,” said Jacobs. “We were so excited to share in both the team, and Honda Center’s success through this promotion, and we could not be more proud to participate. We started this relationship over 20 years ago, and we look forward to remaining committed to this world-class venue for the next 20!”

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ohl-logoWhen JMG approached Craig Parker, OHL’s senior regional loss prevention manager for Southern California, to see if he would be comfortable discussing his relationship with JMG SECURITY SYSTEMS on camera, we were happy to be met with such enthusiasm. Parker is a consummate professional in his areas of expertise, so we really appreciated what he had to say about his experience of working so closely with us to design and maintain the extremely strict security standards at OHL.

Our relationship with OHL began 7 years ago, and it now encompasses multiple facilities and covers several million square feet. But what may best illustrate the nature of the relationship is how we were able to respond to one of their RFP’s.

When a leading international logistics company like OHL requests a bid to secure one of its warehouses, the major security system dealers in the area are eager to provide one. OHL’s most recent RFP lined up multiple suitors for its 722,000 square foot facility in Rialto, yet only JMG SECURITY SYSTEMS came up with the right answer for its most demanding provision, a “yes” for a seemingly impossible task.

P1030660A member of the Transported Asset Protection Association (TAPA), OHL is required to meet several parameters on every building it manages in order for it to be certified by that group. One of them is to have a sophisticated security system to assure a high level of asset protection against employee and cargo theft. Another is that a minimum of four bids must be submitted to them for every new facility.

JMG was familiar with the process having been selected by Craig Parker, OHL’s senior regional loss prevention manager, for other Southern California locations he manages. He knew the JMG SECURITY SYSTEMS team was innovative and thorough, having benefited from its remarkable service on many occasions. “When I told the competing system providers what we needed and that it had to be installed in 12 weeks, only JMG had the confidence, capability and personnel to commit to that schedule,” Parker noted.

Once the race against the clock was on, Parker liked the JMG SECURITY SYSTEMS battle plan and aggressiveness, which would be put in place to protect the inventory of a large electronics manufacturer. He credited sales professional Greg Hanoian for taking the initiative to get TAPA’s standards and work them into the CCTV integrated system design well ahead of time, but seemingly every department ultimately received accolades from Parker. “When you spend a half million dollars with a vendor, you usually have justification to be critical, but that isn’t the case with JMG. Over the years we’ve built a relationship as well as a familiarity with their capabilities, and JMG just never disappoints. JMG fulfilled its commitment to be ready on time, which really made me look good,” he confided.

Of course, the JMG SECURITY SYSTEMS commitment to timeliness did not end with the installation. “We always receive a speedy follow up to our requests,” Parker added, “including Laurie in the data department who understands the importance of quickly eliminating access for personnel who leave our company and always provides excellent service, even on a Friday afternoon at closing.”

The relationship forged with OHL is very representative of JMG’s intense focus on serving the needs of our clients and has resulted in creating a true win-win over the many years. And looking to the future, we look forward to a continued partnership to keep all of their facilities safe and secure for many years to come.

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Since 2007, JMG SECURITY SYSTEMS has been the security solutions provider for Pacific Premier Bank, one of the strongest performing, diversified, and fastest growing community banks in the nation. Named both a 2014 Super Premier Performing Bank in California by the Findley Reports and having earned 5-Star Rating, the highest, from Bauer Financial, Pacific Premier provides business and consumer banking products through 15 full-service depository branches in Southern California since 1983.

Initially, the bank was handling all of their security in-house, as they grew, it became impractical to maintain the standard they felt necessary to protect all their interests. Impressed by JMG SECURITY SYSTEMS’ like- minded commitment to unparalleled service, they reached out to JMG to be their security partner in 2007.

Tahquitz smallWorking with Pacific Premier’s Assistant VP for Facilities Management, Shalon Scott who was initially given the critical responsibilities of Security Director, senior agent Greg Greenfield and executive account manager Melissa Fernandez provided Ms. Scott the guidance and expertise to take Pacific Premier’s security to the next level.

Over the years, Pacific Premier has expanded from the original 7 branches to 15, and JMG has enabled their system to scale and take advantage of all pertinent, technology advancements in the security industry such as IP based video, Network Recording and Integrated Access Control.

In recent years we have worked with the bank’s security team led by Rudy Ramirez, VP/Director of IT/ISO, to support all of Pacific Premier’s security needs including intrusion and fire detection, video surveillance, access control and 24hr monitoring. And in the attached video, Mr. Ramirez shares his personal experience partnering with JMG over the years.

Each of our clients has a unique facility and business environment. At JMG SECURITY SYSTEMS it is our job to listen to our clients challenges and concerns so that we can provide them with a security systems that fits seamlessly into their day-to-day environment. Some of our clients require highly sophisticated security solutions, while others have more straightforward needs. But one thing never changes—our 100% commitment to do whatever is necessary to ensure our clients are getting the best advice and support, whatever their security needs may be.

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