Customer Story: Two Teams Score Goals at Honda Center


A great business relationship is built on trust, reliability, and a commitment to respond quickly to client challenges. And when you have the opportunity to demonstrate that commitment year-in and year-out, sometimes a deeper bond is formed that’s familiar to lifelong friends, but rare among corporate entities.

Since opening in 1993, it was clear the Honda Center would be a prestigious venue in Orange County—home to championship athletes and the world’s most famous, headline entertainers. Along with that prominence came the formidable responsibility of maintaining the safety and security of the millions who visit this vibrant venue every year.

So from the very beginning, JMG founders Ken Jacobs and Mike Christensen teamed up with Honda Center President and CEO, Tim Ryan to design, install, and manage the complex, state-of-the-art security systems capable of offering first class protection for the facility, the talent, and of course, the fans.

Recently, Ryan put the relationship into perspective when he said JMG is not just a security provider, but a partner as well. “Their personnel are here before most events to help us make sure we are fully ready” he explained. “With such a large venue, and with so many moving parts, we rely on their dedicated staff to make sure we don’t have any misses. And because of that extra support, it has allowed us to earn and promote a tremendous safety record.”

Still, as the technology improves, various upgrades are required on a regular basis. Most significant was a transition from analog to digital camera technology. Brent Mater, the Honda Center’s director of operations, teamed up with Craig Loyd, JMG SECURITY SYSTEMS, vice president of operations to accomplish this goal. “We have a huge building that is difficult to secure as we have thousands of fans entering from multiple entry points,” Mater noted. “JMG SECURITY SYSTEMS expertise in system technology, along with its Systems Support Agreement, allow us to offer a safe haven for our diverse fan base, without delay, on a daily basis.”

And as in all great relationships, there are additional opportunities that sometimes present themselves. “So when JMG was approached to become a marketing partner by sponsoring the “Power Play” at the Anaheim Ducks NHL games, we jumped at the chance,” said Jacobs. “We were so excited to share in both the team, and Honda Center’s success through this promotion, and we could not be more proud to participate. We started this relationship over 20 years ago, and we look forward to remaining committed to this world-class venue for the next 20!”

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