Customer Story: Major League Security at Angel Stadium


Major League Security at Angel Stadium

The Angels have played ball in Anaheim since 1965. Long considered America’s favorite pastime, baseball draws an audience of all ages, and coming to the ballpark remains a strong family tradition today. With a seating capacity of approximately 45,050 – and being a well-publicized venue hosting high-profile visitors and athletes – Angel Stadium security is a critical initiative for the ball club.

Since the major league team settled into its Southern California location, three of the organization’s top priorities have been affordability, cleanliness and safety. For more than five decades, fans have gathered at the ballpark to cheer on their teams and enjoy time with friends and family.


“People want to go to a place where they know they can bring their kids and that child is safe,” said Dennis Kuhl, Angels Club Chairman..

For the past several years, JMG SECURITY SYSTEMS has been a behind-the-scenes partner of the Angels baseball organization – sharing not only a common interest to ensure the safety of everyone who comes to the stadium, but also a passion for the game, maintaining a family atmosphere within the park, and maintaining strong working relationships.

“I believe that the commitment going forward with JMG and Angels baseball is going to grow. We rely on them because they have the expertise.”

“This partnership is built on many years of team work, commitment, trust and reliability,” said Ken Jacobs, President/CEO, JMG SECURITY SYSTEMS. “We provide all of the stadium’s alarm systems, as well as the surveillance cameras and access control maintenance and service.”

JMG SECURITY SYSTEMS’ commitment to service is a hallmark of the organization. This factor anchors the many long-standing relationships the company has established among its Southern California clients.


JMG is a one-stop-shop for us, and the power of this local partnership is important in our working relationship,” said Brian Sanders, Senior Director of Ballpark Operations, Angels Baseball. “There’s a trust factor there, and having them physically close by is terrific. They’re able to provide same-day assistance with all our security cameras and software manning those cameras so we’re able to make sure everyone within the building is safe and secure on a regular basis.”

“There are many challenges around securing a facility like Angel Stadium due to the sheer size of the building and number of people that attend each game or event held there,” said Craig Loyd, Vice President of Operations, JMG SECURITY SYSTEMS and because technology is always changing we’re vigilant about leveraging the best technology available to contribute to the Angels’ security program.”

The family atmosphere at Angel Stadium is sustained behind-the-scenes by Angel Stadium security professionals and JMG SECURITY SYSTEMS to ensure everyone inside the building is safe and secure on a regular basis. Guests and employees can enjoy the ballpark and move throughout their day knowing they’re in good hands.

“Our behind-the-scenes partnership offering the best technology possible is key. We’re very, proud of all we have accomplished working together and look forward to the future of doing the same,” said Jacobs.

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