Customer Story: OHL


When JMG approached Craig Parker, OHL’s senior regional loss prevention manager for Southern California, to see if he would be comfortable discussing his relationship with JMG SECURITY SYSTEMS on camera, we were happy to be met with such enthusiasm. Parker is a consummate professional in his areas of expertise, so we really appreciated what he had to say about his experience of working so closely with us to design and maintain the extremely strict security standards at OHL.

Our relationship with OHL began 7 years ago, and it now encompasses multiple facilities and covers several million square feet. But what may best illustrate the nature of the relationship is how we were able to respond to one of their RFP’s.

When a leading international logistics company like OHL requests a bid to secure one of its warehouses, the major security system dealers in the area are eager to provide one. OHL’s most recent RFP lined up multiple suitors for its 722,000 square foot facility in Rialto, yet only JMG SECURITY SYSTEMS came up with the right answer for its most demanding provision, a “yes” for a seemingly impossible task.


A member of the Transported Asset Protection Association (TAPA), OHL is required to meet several parameters on every building it manages in order for it to be certified by that group. One of them is to have a sophisticated security system to assure a high level of asset protection against employee and cargo theft. Another is that a minimum of four bids must be submitted to them for every new facility.

JMG was familiar with the process having been selected by Craig Parker, OHL’s senior regional loss prevention manager, for other Southern California locations he manages. He knew the JMG SECURITY SYSTEMS team was innovative and thorough, having benefited from its remarkable service on many occasions. “When I told the competing system providers what we needed and that it had to be installed in 12 weeks, only JMG had the confidence, capability and personnel to commit to that schedule,” Parker noted.

Once the race against the clock was on, Parker liked the JMG SECURITY SYSTEMS battle plan and aggressiveness, which would be put in place to protect the inventory of a large electronics manufacturer. He credited sales professional Greg Hanoian for taking the initiative to get TAPA’s standards and work them into the CCTV integrated system design well ahead of time, but seemingly every department ultimately received accolades from Parker. “When you spend a half million dollars with a vendor, you usually have justification to be critical, but that isn’t the case with JMG. Over the years we’ve built a relationship as well as a familiarity with their capabilities, and JMG just never disappoints. JMG fulfilled its commitment to be ready on time, which really made me look good,” he confided.

Of course, the JMG SECURITY SYSTEMS commitment to timeliness did not end with the installation. “We always receive a speedy follow up to our requests,” Parker added, “including Laurie in the data department who understands the importance of quickly eliminating access for personnel who leave our company and always provides excellent service, even on a Friday afternoon at closing.”

The relationship forged with OHL is very representative of JMG’s intense focus on serving the needs of our clients and has resulted in creating a true win-win over the many years. And looking to the future, we look forward to a continued partnership to keep all of their facilities safe and secure for many years to come.

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