24-Hour Monitoring

Rapid response is critical

When your alarm is activated, our innovative software technology processes and tracks the alarm signal, enabling us to identify the precise nature and location of your emergency. With 24 hour security monitoring, our central station personnel notify you and contact the appropriate authorities when the alarm sounds. We’ve got your back with complete redundancy to assure there is instant emergency recovery and backup with no downtime in case of an emergency or extreme alarm activity at one facility.

Professionally trained central station personnel

Central station personnel are extensively trained to handle all types of emergencies. Detailed and comprehensive training is ongoing to ensure unparalleled customer service. All telephone calls are automatically recorded for your protection and to ensure quality service.

Advanced technology

Our central station utilizes the most advanced technology to ensure the highest standard of service and reliability. State-of-the-art computer servers and sophisticated monitoring software identify incoming alarm signals that enable operators to quickly and efficiently handle your alarm signal and notify the proper responding parties. In addition to receiving alarm signals through your telephone line or network, our central station has the ability to receive alarm signals via cellular phone and the internet.

Redundancy for reliability


Two dual-redundant computer servers and monitoring software ensure there are no interruptions in the processing of your alarm signals. The telephone switch (PBX) is also dual-redundant with two power supplies and two central processing units. In addition, there is a second central monitoring station in Texas with the same innovative technology as California that monitors all alarm activity. That sums it up. You’re covered.

Agency approval

  • (UL) Underwriters Laboratories
  • (FM) Factory Mutual

Back-up power system

To ensure there are no interruptions in the event of a power failure, we have back-up systems in place, including battery operated Uninterrupted Power Supply (UPS), and back-up power generators.

Video monitoring

With new alarm ordinances being continually developed or revised, our central station has incorporated video verification software into our monitoring center to view live CCTV video from your premises.

Video service includes:

  • Alarm verification
  • Guard tours
  • Escort service
  • Timed viewing
  • 2-way video verification