Army and Navy Academy Upgrades Campus Security with Hanwha Cameras at the Recommendation of JMG SECURITY SYSTEMS

The Army and Navy Academy is a college preparatory boarding school founded in 1910 in Carlsbad, California. The campus boosts 23 acres along the coast, and over 300 students and 140 faculty and staff members.

In align with their commitment to the safety and success of their cadets, the Academy began renovating their facilities in 2015. An important piece of this renovation process was an upgrade to their existing, out-of-date analog camera system.

When presented with the opportunity to propose their solution, JMG SECURITY SYSTEMS felt confident in their recommendation of Hanwha Techwin Security Cameras because based on 30 years of experience and the best chipsets in the field of optical and video processing, Hanwha Techwin can satisfy diverse and demanding customer needs with an excellent product lineup while maintaining a global top-tier status.

The Army and Navy Academy now has a total of 141 cameras, including PNM-9081VQ multi-sensor, multi-directional cameras that cover wider areas with fewer cameras. The Academy also installed PNM-9320VQP multi-sensor, multi-directional PTZ cameras that cover long distances and have the ability to zoom in. And, to be able to effectively monitor between buildings and cover their coastline, the Academy chose PNM-9020V multi-sensor 180° cameras.

As a result of the upgrade, the majority of the campus perimeter is now protected using line crossing analytics. With Hanwha cameras installed above the fence, the system sends an alert to the security operations center if it detects something crossing the fence in either direction. Once the system pulls up the camera feeds, operators can see if the situation calls for a security team or the local authorities.