Our reputation for quality service is unequalled

The primary reason we’ve earned our reputation as Southern California’s premier security system company is our relentless commitment to service – a culture we’ve nurtured since we opened in 1987. No competitor can match the ongoing investment we make in personnel training and systems development to ensure seamless integration across all departments and services.

At each point of contact, a JMG SECURITY SYSTEMS team member is thoroughly trained to provide exceptional service and value to our clients. Veteran sales professionals provide expert front-end consulting to design custom, scalable solutions. Project managers carefully synchronize, track and manage installation to ensure adherence to schedule and budget constraints and all ongoing support staff are trained to respond quickly and efficiently to every need. That’s why JMG SECURITY SYSTEMS is the number one choice for high-profile businesses, sports, and entertainment venues in the entire Southern California region.

  • I appreciate Paul and Shane providing Kawasaki with ‘Same Day’ service when we really needed it. Another excellent example of JMG quality customer service.Sincerely Ed, Distribution Center Manager, Let The Good Times Roll
  • JMG was right there on costs with the others, but I felt the level of experience and service, especially from Greg, was the turning point.Dustin Woodall, facilities director
  • Laura — Sorry for the confusion, …thank you for the catch and the correction. JMG is always on top of things and it is a comfort to known you are on my team. Thanks again!Bob, Data Entry
  • Hi guys, long time no talk! Just a quick email to inform my appreciation and dedication of Fred. I called Fred today with a System Link question. He not only knew what I needed and where to get it, he was very kind and courteous during the call. It sure is refreshing these days to be able to reach out and get what you need in the time of need. Thank you.Craig, Safety & Risk Manager
  • Geoff Sanberg did a great job on helping me out with an Emergency call on Friday, Aug 15th. It’s good to know you have such good and reliable employees working at JMG!Thank you.Al
  • I just wanted to let you all know that Joe and Tim did a fantastic job at Palmdale. It was a pleasure to work with two such easy going guys who always had smiles on their faces. Your team’s teamwork is one of the reasons that we love doing business with JMG. Thank you! We look forward to the next project.Kari
  • I wanted to let you know something, That I’m sure your already aware of but it’s always nice to keep hearing. Cindy in Service is Great! I don’t want to get to wordy, She has Nordstrom Quality Customer Service and would be an Asset to any Company. Thank you for all your Services.Alan
  • I would like to thank you for sending Bobby as you technician to help perform test. He showed up on time and was extremely knowledgeable on all aspects of test. The test was performed flawless and I am glad it performed as needed.Ulises
  • Just wanted to let you know I have heard a lot of positives about how Fred helped us overcome some big hurdles at both Highland Park & Tujunga! We really appreciate his stepping up & Bob Endres shared with me that we couldn’t have done it without him!Fred, thank you!