Know the Warning Signs: Workplace Violence

Here at JMG, we take safety and security VERY seriously. Awareness and prevention are critical components in protecting not only your premises – but also yourself.

Last month, JMG hosted a luncheon seminar focused on violence in the workplace. Expert Craig Parker of Geodis armed our attendees with tips about awareness, how to recognize warning signs, what actions to take and avoid to minimize violence, what to do in the event of occurrence, and steps to follow after an incident takes place.

Highlights from this very intriguing presentation include:

Warning Signs of Impending Violence:
• Individuals videotaping the exterior or interior of a building.
• Someone is overly interested in the building’s hours of operation, layout, etc.
• Abnormally parked car(s) in the same spot for long periods of time.
• Employee wears clothing out of season, such as heavy coats in the middle of July.

In the Event of Violence: Run – Hide – Fight!
If there’s ever a situation, make sure you control your fear and act immediately in a reasonable way to protect your life. Memorize these three important steps: Run, Hide, Fight.

• Be quiet.
• Leave your belongings.
• Evacuate the building.
• Help others, if possible.

We hope you never experience warning signs noted above, and certainly hope you’re never in the pathway of violence. But, knowledge is power – and in many cases, safely – and a little preparation and education about workplace possibilities could save your life and many around you.

For more details about how to keep yourself and colleagues safe, download our Workplace Violence PDF here.