Feedback on Service Is Easy And Essential

By Pete Jacobs, V.P. of Operations

Feedback on Service Is Easy And EssentialSince the summer of 2015, the Service Department has employed an auto email process that confirms a service appointment has been requested and scheduled, when a technician was dispatched to the site, including their photo, and when the service has been completed.

As you may know, other helpful information is contained on the form, including an opportunity for you to rate the experience with our team in the field. While some of you have taken advantage of this opportunity to share your level of satisfaction, most surveys are returned without comment.

Just a reminder that hearing from you about our technicians’ performance and appearance is crucial to their continued training and our commitment to provide unsurpassed service. So please take a moment to answer the four questions that will help us help you. I look forward to reading every response and working with each client to provide the best service possible.

I also want to remind you of the need and importance to test your system regularly. By checking recorded video regularly you’ll ensure you are getting the desired coverage. You might consider our preventative maintenance program, too. It covers cleaning cameras and verifying that systems are operating at their optimum levels.

In addition to hearing the alarm on-site, it is important to make sure JMG is receiving the alarm signals from your system. If you need help testing and verifying signals, please call our service department at 800-900-4564 or send an e-mail to:

Thank you for choosing JMG, we appreciate you!