Reducing Cyber Security Threats Was Subject of JMG March Seminar

Reducing Cyber Security Threats Was Subject of JMG March SeminarAs if taken from today’s headlines, guests at JMG’s March seminar learned how cyber attacks occur and what can be done to reduce or eliminate their threat at a workplace. Tom Rice, Senior Executive V.P. and Chief Operating Officer, and Rudy Ramirez, Pacific Premier Bank’s IT Director, provided the timely information, stating that cyber security threats are real, and they continue to grow and evolve in complexity, creativity and reach.

Malware, which is a term coined from “malicious software,” can be devastating and enduring, Ramirez told those attending in the JMG Conference Center. He added that as many as three out of ten employees are victimized by opening links that contain a malware virus, which can allow the cyber criminal into a company’s network.

Once in the system, malware steals digital information such as passwords. Cyber crime is so prevalent, it has surpassed property theft as the most commonly reported offense.

Ramirez said that educating employees to the tactics used in cyber crime is an invaluable aid. Foremost is to caution personnel about opening unknown or suspicious links that are camouflaged to represent well-known banks or government agencies.

Pacific Premier Bank supports the strongest encryption hashing algorithm technology to protect customers using its network and prevents a cyber criminal from producing fraudulent encryption keys.

A brochure entitled “Cyber Security Matters: An In-Depth Look at Online Security,” is available at no charge from the Bank and can be ordered from your JMG sales agent. It’s a 12-page primer on the subject, providing tips and tactics to thwart digital compromise on your business, home and mobile networks.

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