DMP Security Panels

DMP Security Control Panels

The XT Series™ burglary/fire/door access panel includes all communication options- network, cellular, and dialer. Similarly, the XR Command Processor Panels™ create an integrated security package that includes intrusion, fire, and access control- all managed and controlled in an intuitive software program. Everything is on one compact board to eliminate hassle. With the Virtual Keypad App, security is at your fingertips. These panels incorporate all the technology you’d expect in a larger panel with all the quality and innovation you expect from DMP. So, which is right for you?

  • XT50 offers a maximum of 58 zones
  • 10 onboard
  • 32 wired or 48 wireless
  • XR Command Processor Panels™ offer 100 – 500 zones
  • Manage up to 6 addresses
  • Supports up to 8 keypad addresses
  • Easy Table-Top, Wall-Mount, or In-Wall Installation
  • Compatible with Virtual Keypad App and

The XT Series offers a maximum of 58 zones

The XT Series is available in two models. The XT30 offers 42 zones; 10 onboard and 32 via the eight keypad addresses. The XT50 offers a maximum of 58 zones; 10 onboard and up to 32 wired or 48 wireless. Each XT panel can manage up to six areas, and supports up to eight keypad addresses.

XR Command Processor Panels™ for Commercial Installation

DMP released its latest new panels, the XR150/550 Series. Their 32-bit processors operate at 20 times the speed of the prior model; with 10/100 Ethernet auto-sensing that always ensures the fastest-possible network connection. The new panels deliver powerful door control capabilities, and provides customization options for each new installation. The XR150/550 panels can transmit alarm signals via cellular or network, for both commercial intrusion or fire alarm installations. Both transmission methods are approved and accepted by Underwriter Laboratories (UL) for standard line security and for Commercial Fire.

On-the-Go Control

DMP mobile platforms provide you with the tools you need to build strong connections with your customers. MyAccess™ allows you to monitor and manage your system remotely from any mobile phone using simple SMS texting. The DMP app puts a keypad on the your Apple iPhone®, iPad™, or Android device that allows you to control their security systems as well as video and Z-wave devices.

Schedule a Free On-Site Risk Assessment!

JMG SECURITY SYSTEMS is proud to provide the following Best-In-Class services:

  • Site survey: Our team will assess your site to understand its unique security needs.
  • Custom system design: We’ll design a system that’s tailored to your site, ensuring optimal coverage and protection.
  • Project management: Our experienced project managers will oversee the system’s implementation from start to finish.
  • Professional installation: Our trained technicians will install your system, ensuring it’s set up correctly and functioning as intended.
  • Quality control: We’ll conduct thorough checks to ensure your system meets our high standards of quality and performance.
  • 24-hour service: Our monitoring centers operate 24/7, providing round-the-clock protection for your site.
  • Technical support: If you encounter any issues with your system, our technical support team is on hand to help.
  • System Support Agreement: We provide a comprehensive support agreement, ensuring your system remains in top condition and continues to provide effective security.