Silent Knight Fire Alarm Panels

Silent Knight Fire Alarm Control Panels

As part of Honeywell Fire, Silent Knight is a leader in the fire alarm industry with its broad portfolio of annunciators, AV notification and mass communications systems.

Its SK-6208, for example, is a 50-100 point single loop addressable fire alarm control and communicator system that delivers powerful features such as drift compensation, maintenance alert, built-in digital communicators, and distributed intelligent power. This controller’s UL listed communicator is designed for applications requiring smoke detection, manual pull stations, and sprinkler supervision. It features an easy to read LCD display with programmable English readout and user-friendly tactile keys.

The basic unit offers 10 zones of initiation and is expandable up to 30 zones for larger applications. The SK-6208 has a complete line of supervised accessories that provide remote annunciation and auxiliary relay expansion. Ideal for new and retrofit applications.

Built-in Digital Communicator and Dialer

The SK-6208 includes a built-in digital communicator/dialer 10 built-in zones expandable to 30, supervised zone expanders and I/O modules can be mounted remotely from the main control, four notification appliance circuits, four programmable general purpose relays, and Built-in synchronization for AMSECO®, Gentex®, Faraday, System Sensor® and Wheelock®. Additionally, all zones are compatible with listed 2- or 4-wire smoke detectors and the system is programmable from the built-in control panel touchpad, remote annunciator or SKSS 5660 downloading software. A plex door option combines a dead front cabinet door with a clear window limiting access to the panel while providing single button operation of the reset and silence functions.

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